Release Day Blitz: Desires of the Soul (The Dark Lord, # 2) by: S.L. Carpenter

He’s back! But this time he has a mission, one he cannot ignore. There are women who will summon him and he will answer their call. But to accomplish his task must seek the darkest of dark moments and bring the light of hope back into a lost soul. Only then will he be able to set aside the burdens he carries deep in his heart. Will you take this journey with him? Do you dare?


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Other novels in the series:

Desires of the Flesh (The Dark Lord, #1) by: S.L. Carpenter

Imagine being with someone who knows your deepest and darkest desires—the ones you won’t even admit to yourself. Then imagine that he is a being who exists to satisfy those desires. And he can do so with nobody being any the wiser. Except you.

He’ll change your life, take you down a new road, and show you things about yourself you could never have imagined.

Intrigued? You should be. All you have to do to summon him is find his medallion and let your desires cry out for release… if you dare…

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