Rene’s Mini Review: Embraced By A Highlander (Highland Warriors Trilogy, #2) by: Donna Fletcher

Hannah knows all too well that evil exists. What she’s not sure of is how to escape evil. Where does she find safety from the evil that chases after her? Her only choice is to find someone who does not fear evil. Her search brings her to the MacKewan keep and Slain MacKewan, the infamous warrior known as the savage. It is with trepidation that she approaches the neglected edifice. What awaits her, she does not know. She only knows she has no place else to go.
Slain MacKewan needs the red-headed beauty who steals his heart as soon as he lays eyes on her. However, he doesn’t have time for love. She is a means to an end and will settle a debt to his advantage. He wants nothing more than to seek revenge against his bitter enemy, the man who robbed him of everything.
Slain and Hannah fight against all odds to conquer evil, face the darkest of secrets, and discover a love that knows neither time nor bounds.
Escape to the Highlands, late 1400s, in this historical romance of love, betrayal, secrets, and redemption, book two in the Highland Warrior Trilogy.


“I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Rene’s Thoughts:
  • I haven’t read a highlander novel in a while, so it was fun to step back into that world. Fletcher always creates complex characters who despite being in a historical period feel very modern and relatable.
  • This novel had several of the troupes usually found in Fletcher’s novels, but instead of seeming repetitive this novel felt different. You had the usuals such as a  heroine who’s being targeted for murder, mountains of secrets between the couple, spies and enemies, not to mention questionable paternity. However, there was little forced or contrived drama within the narrative.
  • I really liked Hannah’s character from the very beginning, she was tough, smart, and not prone to doing stupid shit – for the most part. Unlike some of her predecessors, I never yelled at her while reading, for something she was doing. Hannah made the most of situation she found herself in, and never complained. She exemplified the motto “Keep Calm and Carry On”!
  • Slain, the savage, is not someone who you want to be on their bad-side! He has a rough exterior, but like every swoon-worthy hero he’s a total sweetheart to his lady. I also loved how Slain was mysterious, and how every time you learned something new about him you wanted to know more.
  • As a couple Slain and Hannah were great, they both needed each other and in that way were very much equals. They had similar life goals, love and family, and were completely suited for one another.
  • One of my favorite things about this novel, was how sexual Hannah was. She may have been a virgin when she met Slain, but she enjoyed sex and wasn’t afraid to incite intimacy with him!
Happy Reading!

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