5 Reasons Why You Should Read: Enticement (Master Class #2) by: Sierra Cartwright

1) Because the best friend’s hot older brother, who the heroine has had a crush on for ages, is a great way to begin a love story!

2) Because this story is so hot, it’s bound to get you all hot and bothered even on the coldest winter day!

3) Because sex shouldn’t be relegated to only the bedroom or the living room, especially when you’ve got an experienced Dominate to play with.

4) Because every submissive wants to find her forever Dom and have him do whatever he has to, so he can keep her.

5) Because I love the Carpe Diem Divas support group in this series, and how these women support one another! After Ella’s heartbreak, she needs to have friends around her as she risks her heart again!




Staff Sergeant Pierce is everything Ella Gibson doesn’t want in a man—dangerous, and a member of the Special Forces. But his determination demolishes her resistance.

Ella Gibson is dating with a purpose. She’s got a good job, a car, a townhome. The only thing missing is the perfect man. After having her heart broken, she’s decided that Mr. Perfect will be steady and solid and come home at the end of the day. Bonus points if he’s a sexy Dom. A little kink is the only thing she really misses from her last relationship.

But when her best friend’s older brother, the sexy Staff Sergeant Pierce Holden, interrupts her flirtation with a successful attorney, she’s furious.

Pierce is intent on saving her from a making a mistake. Yet she knows that giving in to the temptation of being with him would be an even bigger one.

She’s had a crush on the hero for years. But he’s everything she doesn’t want in a man. Not only is he in the military, he’s a member of an elite Special Forces team. He goes on harrowing missions, and danger is his constant companion.

The more she tries to resist him, the deeper she falls in love. One thing she is sure of, she’s helpless to resist the dominant man’s determination to have her.

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