Top 5 Favorite: Fantasy Series

Outlander Series by: Diana Gabladon [Time-Travel]

This is the series that introduced women world-wide to James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, the sexy highlander laird turned outlaw! What is great about this series is not only do you have a swoon worthy hero, but the heroine, Claire, is a perfect match for her man. She gets transported back in time, hence the time-travel sub-genre, from the late 1940’s to the 1700’s and finds a way to not only survive but thrive. Claire has the perfect combination of intelligence, being innately caring, and also feisty. Jamie and Claire are perfectly matched!

Florentine Series by: Sylvain Reynard [Vampires]

We have loved following the story of the enigmatic vampire William and his Raven. Watching William struggle to show his obvious feelings and his horrible gift-giving skills has been a lot of fun. The Emerson’s from, Gabriel’s Inferno Trilogy, also make guest appearances; which adds to the series enjoyment. But what we really love about these novels is Raven! She is an amazing heroine who has gone through a lot of shit in her life, but she is still filled with light and love for others.

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team by: Paige Tyler [Shifters]

The series centers around a Dallas SWAT team, made up solely of shifters. Not only are they hot alpha shifters, they are also Law Enforcement officers who have sworn to serve and protect! We really enjoyed the unique shifter mythology as well. All of these men and women are genetically disposed to being shifters, but it is latent until something happens that puts their lives in danger. It is then that their shifter side emerges and they become werewolves!

The Phoenix Pack Series by: Suzanne Wright [Shifters]

These books deal strictly with the werewolf community, and there is very little interactions with humans. We see the hierarchy within werewolf culture; which centers around the pack. Like most werewolves, these characters are extremely sexual. They like talking about and participating in sex often, and do not mind others watching. The novels are pretty HAWT! Besides the love-story all of these novels also have another overarching narrative.

The Three Series by: Kristen Ashley [Shifters/Vampires]

As you can probably tell by this list, we have a thing for cuddly shifters! The second novel in this series, With Everything I Am, the hero is Callum – the King of the Werewolves, who may be our favorite book boyfriend shifter! This trilogy features a majority of fantastical creatures, and shows them working together for the betterment of human kind.

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