RELEASE DAY: Mini Review: The Krinar Captive (The Krinar Chronicles, #4) by: Anna Zaires


krinarcaptiveEmily Ross never expected to survive her deadly fall in the Costa Rican jungle, and she certainly never thought she’d wake up in a strangely futuristic dwelling, held captive by the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. A man who seems to be more than human…

Zaron is on Earth to facilitate the Krinar invasion—and to forget the terrible tragedy that ripped apart his life. Yet when he finds the broken body of a human girl, everything changes. For the first time in years, he feels something more than rage and grief, and Emily is the reason for that. Letting her go would compromise his mission, but keeping her could destroy him all over again.


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Rene’s Thoughts
  • One thing I love about this series, is the way it blends what we know about our own planet; with the fantastical elements of another.
  • Zaron is an amazing man, despite the fact he’s holding Emily captive. He didn’t have to save her and risk exposing the Krinar’s planned invasion, but he does anyways. As he gets to know her, he quickly begins to care for her and will do anything to make her happy – even letting her go.
  • What I loved about Emily, is that she’s a survivor! She may be falling for Zaron, but she doesn’t let that cloud her judgment. Emily turns out not to be the perfect captive Zaron thinks she is to begin with!
  • Zaron and Emily have some have some wicked hot chemistry and there is no denying that these two are perfectly matched sexually! They have several steamy, kinky, almost other worldly encounters!
  • Not only are these two sexually compatible, but they also share similar interests. Their mutual love of the being outside, brings them together on a deeper level.
  • This novel made me want to go back and re-read The Krinar Chronicles, and be absorbed into the post K-Day world once again!
Happy Reading!

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