Author Spotlight: Suzanne Wright

5769764What would a Fantasy themed month be, if we did not highlight one of our favorite fantasy authors, Suzanne Wright. She delves into three of our favorite sub-genres: Werewolves, Vampires and Demons. Wright has written fabulous novels, which we have read numerous times.

The four main reasons we enjoy her novels are:
  • She knows how to write humor.
  • Her characters relationships are healthy and believable.
  • Her alpha male characters are fabulous examples of perfection and hotness.
  • Her females are strong, independent and should be admired.



The Phoenix Pack Series

The Mercury Pack Series

These books deal strictly with the werewolf community. There is very little interactions with humans.

Wright does an excellent job at conveying the hierarchy within werewolf culture. A pack is a family regardless of blood, and you protect your family.

Like most werewolves, these characters are extremely sexual. They like talking about and participating in hawt sex often, and do not mind others watching.

Here Be...


Deep In Your Veins Series

Wright only chooses, what we consider to be, the best aspects of vampire mythology.

There are interesting overarching narrative, which helps propel the story forward once the couple has finally given into their obvious chemistry.


Dark In You Series

The demons in this series co-exist along side humans, but within their own lairs and under their own rules.

The variety of demons keeps thing interesting, as every character and their abilities is unique.

Happy Reading!

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