[Rene’s] Mini Review: The King’s Warrior (Pict King Series, #2) by: Donna Fletcher



A fierce Pict warrior. A woman with too many secrets. A love that cannot be denied.

Wrath is the leader of the King’s personal guard, honor-bound to protect the King before all else. He is a man not known for his kindness or patience, so when Wrath is made responsible for a woman he discovers in a snowdrift, he does not know what to do with her.

Verity wakes besides the mighty Wrath shocked to see him. Though she knows him, she has never met him. How to explain that to him is the problem as are the secrets she must keep, for now.

With secrets swirling as heavily as the snow, it takes a perilous journey in search of Verity’s sister for the unlikely couple to reveal truths and discover that their hearts were lost to each other long before they met.



“I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Rene’s Thoughts:
  • This novel is not your typical historical romance, although the focus is on Wrath and Verity’s relationship. The novel also has elements of a political thriller genre. King Talon’s domain is still under threat, full of intrigue, and you aren’t quite sure who you can trust!
  • During the first novel in the series The King’s Executioner, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Wrath. He seemed brutish and permanently angry. But it didn’t take long for me to fall completely in-love with him in this novel. Wrath may be a hardened warrior, but he very quickly lets Verity worm her way into his heart. He tires to fight it to begin with, but like any good warrior he realizes when the battle is lost and instead changes his strategy. If he can’t get over his obsession with her, then he’ll just have to keep her forever.
  • Verity is the perfect partner for the warrior Wrath. She’s both intelligent and tough. Verity is smart enough not to get caught in a trap, and strong enough to keep fighting when things turn south. Verity may be keeping secrets from Wrath in the beginning, but she trusts implicitly. She knows he’ll always be there to catch her!
  • These two were destined to find one another! Verity and Wrath fit perfectly together, he’s there when she needs help and she brings out the softer gentler side of the hardened warrior. I really loved them together as a couple.
  • One of my favorite parts of the narrative, is Verity’s devotion to finding her sister – no matter the cost! She doesn’t get sidetracked by the hot warrior Wrath, or her budding relationship with him. Finding her sister and ensuring her safety is Verity’s number-one priority. Having a sister myself I can both understand this sentiment and appreciate it!
  • I can’t wait for King Talon to meet his next wife! There is still a lot of unanswered questions and intrigue in the Pict kingdom, I’m excited to find out more!
Happy Reading!

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