Mini Review: The Sex Toy Coloring Book by: Magnus Frederiksen


Color yourself sexy with this incredible collection of sex toy images! From dildos, to cock-rings, and everything in between, this book of fifty coloring pages will leave you feeling creative and satisfied.

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Our Thoughts

img_0882Disclaimer: Rene is a coloring expert, well not really but she does attend a local adult coloring group. So she knows a good coloring book when she sees one!

  • The graphics were not overly complicated, and the simplicity of the lines made coloring relaxing, rather than stressful.
  • What is great about this coloring book, is that you can complete a page or even two in one sitting. Unlike some coloring books which are so detailed, it can take what seems like forever to finish a page. You can easily finish several pages during a session, and have something to hang on the fridge!
  • img_0888We appreciated the depictions of male sex toys! This is not something you normally see, or that is even really talked about.
  • Too many people. Coloring flesh-tone, peachy people is really boring after a while, we enjoyed coloring and being creative with the colors of the various toys the most.
  • Too many vajayjays not enough cocks! We’re more interested in the female gaze, rather than the male gaze.
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