Essential characteristics to be considered a rough riding cowboy:

EssentialHere are some essential characteristics we think make a great rough riding cowboy, that any cowgirl would want!


  • cowboyIt is a question that has plagued the West since the 1800’s, Wranglers or Levis? A man needs to be able to rock a worn, tight as a glove, pair jeans to be considered a real cowboy.
  • A Stetson hat is a must, to keep the hot sun and sweat out of the cowboys handsome face.
  • A cowboy definitely needs to know how to rock some chaps. The more worn the leather on his person the better!
  • A true cowboy also needs to know how to handle a riding crop! (crop innuendos will never get old!)
  • Oh, don’t forget the whip!
  • It is essential that a cowboy knows how to ride his steed, hard!
  • A cowboy must be familiar with the cold, hard steel of his gun, as well as how to load and unload it.
  • Even with his hard rough exterior a true cowboy must have a gentle touch with his women.
  • A cowboy need to work hard, but also know how to play harder.
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