Mrs. Bennet: A Letter to Her Sister

austenBelow is nothing but a bit of silliness, where the worlds of Outlander and Pride and Prejudice collide! Our Mrs. Bennet is a huge fan of the two worlds and is secretly, or not so secretly, in love with both heroes. Here is an imagined letter where Mrs. Bennet informs her sister, Mrs. Philips, of her newest acquaintances!

SPOILER WARNING: if you have not read Pride and Prejudice, Outlander (Outlander, #1),  Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, #2) or Voyager (Outlander, #3); then proceed with caution!

My dearest Sister,

Such wonderful news, at long last I have found the perfect Husband for my Kitty! Now that my eldest two daughters have caught themselves wealthy husbands and my dearest Lydia is happily settled, I have turned my attention to finding Kitty a suitable match. I have given up on Mary.

Since my last letter, a particular friend of Mr. Darcy’s, Lord John Grey has arrived at Pemberley with his wife and young stepson. It is a shame Kitty had not met his Lordship earlier, as his everything handsome and charming.

Upon Lord Grey’s arrival he encouraged us all to tramp down to the stables to see his horseflesh, and meet his groom, who he praised most excessively. My grandchildren and his Lordship’s stepson, a spoiled little creature by all accounts, have since spent every moment out of the nursery down with the beasts. You know I am no great lover of nature, as it greatly effects my nerves, but to please his Lordship I consented. His good opinion could cast Kitty into finer circles than any of her sisters! Can you imagine my Kitty as a Lady or even a Duchess?

His groom, a large redheaded and finely formed Scotsman made my heart flutter. No dear Sister, I have not lost my senses. For I know good breeding when I see it. He was everything polite, well mannered and I thought surprisingly well spoken. The children all clammered for his attention and his Lordships stepson demanded to ride on the groom’s shoulders instead of walking, as Lord Grey proudly introduced us to the beasts. 

It was not until supper that I made the most startling discovery! Oh Sister, he’s not a groom at all. I happened to overhear Lord Grey tell Mr. Darcy, in the strictest confidence, that the man is really a Scottish Laird! The Gentleman had unfortunately been involved in the latest rebellious uprisings and had been serving out his parole in Lord Grey’s care for the past seven years. He will soon be returning home to his estate, Lallybroch. I learned further that he is a widower with no children, and his closest living relative is a married sister. What a fine thing for our Kitty!

Mr. Darcy, ever the gentleman, has extended Laird Broch Tourach an invitation to dine with us this very evening! I must end this missive now and ensure that Kitty has dressed appropriately and instruct her on how best to secure him!

I will write again as soon as I have news!

Your loving sister,

Fanny Bennet


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