Sneak Peek/Excerpt: Enticement by: Sierra Cartwright


Enticement by: Sierra Cartwright

~ Part of Hero to Obey: Twenty-two Naughty Military Romance Stories ~


His little sister’s best friend is definitely off-limits. But when Special Forces Staff Sergeant Pierce Holden sees her about to make a big mistake with another Dom, honor, duty, and his physical attraction to her compels him to step in.



“Is that what this is about? Do you need your ass spanked, Ella?”

“And what if I do?” Her words were laced with bravado and her hazel eyes flashed with challenge fed by the brush of anger.

“Then I’m happy to oblige you.”

“You’re…” She trailed off and pressed her lips together. She glanced around, as if to make sure no one was looking at them.

“Right here. Now, if you want. I can take you out back, or to my car, even to the ladies’ room if you’re desperate,” Pierce said.

“This conversation is inappropriate.”

“Is it? Is that why you haven’t pulled away or slapped my face?”

“I just said that you’re my best friend’s big brother.”


“Could you be anymore obtuse?”

“Enlighten me,” he said easily.

“We are so not having this conversation.”

“But you are willing to have it with another man.” That thought pissed him off, and tension crawled up his spine. “You know nothing about him. You’re willing to let him tie you up, maybe lay a belt to your gorgeous backside.”

“Okay, Pierce. Since you did so much work to get me out here, I’ll play along. What do you know about BDSM?”

“Is that an honest question? Or are you issuing a challenge?”

She took a small breath. Her indignation seemed to have momentarily vanished. “I’m curious.”

“I’ve practiced it for over ten years.”

Her eyes widened.

“I’ve been to clubs, to play parties, and I own an assortment of toys that would keep even the neediest, greediest sub happy. I prefer a flogger to anything else, but I’m competent with and happy to use a cane so that you can have a few marks to remember me by. Would you like that? On the back of your thighs?”

Her breathing became shallow, little gasping breaths.

Oh, yes. The petite spitfire wanted exactly that, no doubt. His arousal spiked, hard and fast. He kept her against him, and it felt, seemed, so fucking right. “You could show up at my mom and dad’s anniversary party tomorrow in a short dress and spend the evening wondering whether anyone could see the strokes of ecstasy that I seared into your skin.”

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About the Author

Sierra is a USA Today, International Best-Selling author who wrote her first book at age nine and hasn’t stopped since.

Sierra invites you to share the complex journey of love and desire, of surrender and commitment.

Her own journey has taught her that trusting takes guts and courage, and her work is a celebration for everyone who is willing to take that risk.

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