[Rene’s] Mini Review: Highlander’s Rescue (Cree & Dawn Short Stories, #4) by: Donna Fletcher



HighlandersRescueCree and Dawn are about to depart on their much delayed journey to see Cree’s sister, Wintra. Dawn hopes they arrive in time so she can be there for Wintra when she delivers her baby. To their surprise, Torr, Wintra’s husband, arrives looking for his wife. It seems Wintra left home just before a snowstorm hit and though he followed after her when he found out she was gone, the blinding snowstorm forced him to take shelter.

Torr is mad with worry for his wife. Cree is ready to beat Torr for not keeping his sister safe, and Dawn attempts to calm both men as the three wonder…where is Wintra?

“I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Rene’s Thoughts:
“You are mine. You belong to me and always will.”
  • Before you begin reading, you need to suspend your disbelief that a heavily pregnant woman would be able to get up onto a horse and ride out in winter (with snow). This is Wintra, Cree’s sister, after all!
  • I have always loved Dawn and Cree, so for me getting these little peeks into their drama filled happily-ever-after is a lot of fun. Just because they’ve found love, doesn’t mean their story needs to be over!
  • Dawn and Cree are more in love than ever, and truly make a wonderful couple. Cree sees strength in Dawn, where others see weakness, and Dawn sees the gentleness behind the fearsome warrior.
“You stir my senses, my heart, and my soul, woman.”
  • Throughout the series, Dawn and Cree have learned that they are stronger when they work together. This story did a great job of illustrating this.
  • This may be a novella, but it is by no means lacking in story. There are some great plot twists that you won’t see coming!
  • I really do hope that Sloan gets his story told next. After all he’s done for Cree and Dawn, he deserves to find his own H.E.A.!
Happy Reading!

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