[Rene’s] Early Bird Mini Review: Boss (The Donovan Dynasty #3) by: Sierra Cartwright

Title: Boss (The Donovan Dynasty #3)
Author: Sierra Cartwright
Rating: 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs
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His erotic demands test everything she believes.

When the fearless, larger-than-life Nathan Donovan becomes her boss, Kayla Fisher’s life is turned upside down. The multimillionaire wants her by his side, but his demands don’t end there.

Kayla avoids romantic entanglements, especially with overwhelmingly dynamic men like Nathan. But she quickly discovers his attention and sensual desires ignite something deep inside her, leading her on a journey that tests everything she believes.

The youngest, boldest of the dynamic Donovan brothers, Nathan is accustomed to getting what he wants. And he focuses his attention on the smart, sexy Kayla Lane. He quickly discovers she’s unlike any woman he’s ever known.

She meets him, desire for desire, getting deep inside him, destroying the barriers he keeps around his heart. He wonders, though, if she’s willing to give him the one thing he demands…

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

Rene’s Thoughts:
  • One thing I love about this novel, and Sierra’s novels in general, is that the heroine is strong, independent, and intelligent. Kayla is not your typical executive assistant, but rather a woman who could be easily be in charge of the business herself. Her submission in the bedroom is completely separated from her professional life. Kayla is my kind of heroine!
  • I thought Cade, the cowboy, was the Donovan for me, but then I got to know Nathan. Yes he’s a bossy boss, who wants to get his way, but he can also be incredibly thoughtful. The gentleness in which he introduces Kayla to the scene is something every Dom should aspire to.

“Certain things I don’t joke about. And sex? The things I’d enjoy doing to your body?
I take that very, very seriously.” ~ Nathan Donovan

  • Poor Nathan, he got so excited in realizing the amazing woman in front of him that he almost ruined it by steamrolling her. Will Doms ever learn?
  • Nathan likes Kayla just the way she is, and doesn’t want to change her! How can you not love that about him? Every woman should find a man like that!

“She’d been assertive, focused – everything he’d never realized
he wanted in a woman.” ~ Nathan Donovan

  • Honestly, I never wanted to spend time in Texas before reading this series. It is painted as a truly beautiful and interesting place to visit! Not all hot cowboys and deserts.
  • Personally, I would’ve like to get more of an ending to the story. It seemed to end somewhat abruptly after the resolution to the conflict. I enjoy seeing couples happy in their H.E.A..
  • The elusive Julian Bonds makes a fun cameo appearance, and I couldn’t help but notice that Nathan’s sister Erin has her eyes set on the creative genius. Hopefully, these two will get their own story!
Happy Reading!

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