Favorite Authors: Pride & Prejudice

Below is a listing of our favorite authors who write Pride and Prejudice inspired novels, and where you can find them online. These are authors who’s novels never seem to disappoint!

Pamela Aidan
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Pamela Aidan grew up in small towns outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated from high school with the desire to be a history teacher, but changed her major to Library Science after her first year at college. Later, she earned a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Ms. Aidan has worked as a librarian in a wide variety of settings for over thirty years. Besides writing and operating Wytherngate Press, she is also the direcotr of Liberty Lake Municipal Library in eastern Washington, a short distance from her home in Idaho.


M.K. Baxley
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M. K. Baxley resides with her husband and three of their five children in Huntsville, Alabama. She enjoys gardening, reading, cooking, needlework and sewing. She has completed many personal designs in children’s clothing, and though she lives in the city, she has often said she was more at home in the woods with a good book and a hound as her companion.


P.O. Dixon
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P. O. Dixon is a writer as well as an entertainer. Historical England and its days of yore fascinate her. She, in particular, loves the Regency period with its strict mores and oh so proper decorum. Her ardent appreciation of Jane Austen’s timeless works set her on the writer’s journey. Dixon delights in weaving diverting tales of gallant gentlemen on horseback and the women they love.

She has authored several Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” adaptations, all written with one overriding purpose in mind—falling in love with Darcy and Elizabeth. Sometimes provocative, but always entertaining, her stories have been read, commented on, and thoroughly enjoyed by thousands of readers worldwide.


Linda Wells
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Linda Wells worked for years in the environmental engineering world until she traded her career as a geographer for one as a mom to a challenging and really great son. One day, she saw the 2005 production of Pride and Prejudice, and was fascinated. She bought a copy of Jane Austen’s novel and read it so many times, falling under the spell of her unforgettable characters and story, and she could not help but wonder what happened next for them. That led her in search of Jane Austen Fan Fiction.

Wells read many stories and then one of my own started nagging at me. So, she found an old notebook and started writing it down. Without it even being finished, she took the plunge and started posting. It was, and continues to be, a fantastic and rewarding experience to watch a story take shape while so many readers follow along. She have many ideas for new stories, and with luck and lots of imagining, they will be written too.


Enid Wilson
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Author of The Angel Sees Grey, Prince Darcy’s Private Eye, My Darcy Pulsates…, Headstrong Girls, Clairvoyeur, Honor and Integrity, The Spinster’s Vow, My Darcy Vibrates, Every Savage Can Reproduce, My Darcy Mutates, Fire and Cross, Really Angelic, Bargain with the Devil and In Quest of Theta Magic, writer of sexy and erotic romance, be it modern, historical, paranormal or science fiction.

Enid loves sexy romance. Her writing career began with a daily newspaper, writing educational advice for students. She then branches out into writing marketing materials and advertising copies.

Enid’s novels received several top reviews and have been ranked in the top 10 best-selling romances in Amazon worldwide.

Enid loves to hear from her readers.

Happy Stalking!

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