Mini Review: Highlander’s Promise (A Cree and Dawn Short Story, #2) by: Donna Fletcher

HighlandersPromiseTitle: Highlander’s Promise (A Cree and Dawn Short Story, #2)
Author: Donna Fletcher
Rating: Teacups / 4 Handcuffs


In the morning, Cree will leave on a mission for the King, so the couple make the most of the last night they have together until he returns. He promises Dawn that all will go well and he will return safely to her.

Dawn nearly collapses when she receives word that Cree has been imprisoned, falsely accused of a crime. Sloan and Cree’s warriors will do their best to attempt to free him, but with Cree being held in an impenetrable dungeon the prospect of freeing him appears doubtful.

Dawn’s heart breaks at the thought that she may never see her husband again. And so her decision is an easy one…she will go rescue him.

Note: This is a 100 page short story.

Our Thoughts:

  • Good to see that even though Dawn is lacking a voice she can still find ways to make her opinions known. Between Cree and Dawn, no words are ever needed.
  • Love how Dawn lets Cree believe he is in charge, and then in end she does what she thinks is best. Her silent but loud defiance of him is hilarious.
  • We loved how Dawn is willing to do anything in order to save Cree, even putting her own life in danger. She’s that inlove with him!
  • Cree takes the alpha male persona to the ultimate never faulting in the face of enemies. Wicked hot! And seeing Cree as a loving father only adds to his hotness.
  • We look forward with eager anticipation to the continuation of Dawn and Cree’s story.

Happy Reading!

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