Mini Review: Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honourable Man by: Brenda Webb

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Title: Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honourable Man
Author: Brenda Webb
Rating: 4 Teacups / 2 Handcuffs


Fitzwilliam Darcy, An Honourable Man is a Pride and Prejudice variation. Not a simple retelling, it is an intriguing new story that does not follow canon. It is rated for mature audiences. British spelling is used, so honor is spelled honour, neighbor is neighbour, defenseless is defenceless, inquire is enquire, etc.

Leaving England after his disastrous proposal was refused at Hunsford, Darcy spent two lonely years in Scotland and Ireland before returning home to face Elizabeth Bennet, certain that he could regard her as an indifferent acquaintance.

Events that transpired in his absence have left Elizabeth a changed woman. The victim of a marriage by deception to Count Stefano, she has suffered greatly at his hands.

Will Mr. Darcy rescue the woman he vowed to forget?

Our Thoughts:

  • It was a wonderful change for us to immerse ourselves in the world of Pride and Prejudice. We have neglected this sub-genre for far too long!
  • This novel is not your typical variation. There is a lot of darkness, mystery, and intrigue that tries to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart. But don’t worry our couple prevails against evil and finds their H.E.A. The storyline will definitely hook you in and keep you reading well past your bedtime.
  • The novel doesn’t solely focus on Darcy and Elizabeth, but also the other couples from the world of Pride and Prejudice. This breaks up the storyline and gives you fresh perspectives on the drama in the novel.
  • There are multiple protagonists in the story, beside the usually suspects of Caroline and Wicky, you get other people also plotting Darcy and Elizabeth’s demise. Which make you cheer even more when they conquer the evil doers.
  • We all know Darcy is made of amazing, but in this novel his awesomeness is multiplied 10 fold. He comes to Elizabeth’s aid and changes the course of his life to help her recover from her trauma. He is a completely selfless man.
  • While Elizabeth has a lot of the traits Jane Austen originally gave her, she also has a new vulnerable side that gives her character greater dimension. It is a refreshing change to see. She is broken at the beginning of this book and needs Darcy to help her put the pieces back together.
  • We don’t blame all of the ladies, married or not, for being completely besotted with Mr. Darcy! He has an entire harem of women after him in this novel. Including the usual suspect: Caroline Bingley.
  • This novel has a lot of twists and turns, you won’t see coming!
  • Note: In this reality, Wickham has never met Elizabeth.

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Happy Reading!


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