Recommended Series: Marauders Series by: Lina Andersson

Title: Marauders Series
Author: Lina Andersson

ArrowofTimeDescription (Arrow of Time):

After traveling around the world for six years, both running from her past and seeking her future, Edie Yates is back in Greenville, Arizona to reconnect with her older sister, Melanie. While Edie was away, Melanie married Brick Baxter, president of the Marauder Riders MC, and found a real family, the likes of which neither Melanie nor Edie had ever known. Now Melanie wants Edie to know the love and security of that family.

And she does. In the Marauders, Edie finds brothers, nieces and nephews, even a surrogate father or two. She begins to settle in, though she still struggles with her past.

And she finds Dawg, who earns his road name regularly. He loves women, and they love him. Edie knows he’s bad news, and she tells him she’s not interested. But he’s funny and charming, and she enjoys his company.

Dawg knows he isn’t boyfriend material. He doesn’t want to be boyfriend material. He likes being a dawg. And he’s far too smart to hit on his president’s sister-in-law. But she’s interesting. She’s had a life, been everywhere. He enjoys talking with her. When she makes it clear that she’s not interested, and he makes it clear that he’s not stupid, they begin to forge a friendship.

They become close—real friends.

And then everything explodes.

Our Thoughts:

  • In this series you get multiple characters’ points-of-view, all the while following the main couple’s story towards their HEA. This is a very difficult writing style to pull off and can sometimes be confusing, making the reader feel disoriented. Andersson pulls it off perfectly. The POV from the other characters gives a different perspective on the couple’s relationship and adds another dimension to the story. It also helps in introducing you to other members of the MC, so the reader already knows them when they get their own story told.
  • There is no overarching narrative that is interwoven throughout the series, but each novel focuses on a MC brother’s path to an HEA.
  • Each couple have very different personalities, dynamics and storylines. This makes each novel unique, you definitely do not get series fatigue.
  • What’s not to love about Dawg, Mac, Sisco and Mitch?
  • Lydia and Kitty have a soft spot for Mac! He totally encourages his woman to follow her passion and directs her to the career she loves. There’s nothing better than a supportive man!
  • None of these men were looking for the women who stumbled into their lives, but once there they refused to let them go. We love a man who recognizes an awesome women and fights to keep her.

Happy Reading!

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