Mini Review: Highlander’s Rebellious Love (Macinnes Sisters Trilogy, #2) by: Donna Fletcher

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Title: Highlander’s Rebellious Love (Macinnes Sisters Trilogy #2)
Author: Donna Fletcher
Rating: 4 Teacups / 3 Handcuffs


Patience Macinnes is angry that her father has ordered her north to the clan McLaud to settle a dispute when she should be searching for her sister.

Hunter McLaud is known for his love of women. He spends his days entertaining himself with them and his nights as well. Patience has no time for the ne’er-do-well warrior until he offers her a solution to settle the problem between their clans. He asks her to marry him and unite the clans.

With the possibility of war looming over the clans, Patience has no choice but to agree to Hunter’s outrageous plan. Neither is prepared for the turmoil that follows. And neither is prepared for the demands of their hearts.

Our Thoughts:

  • An awesome and enjoyable read! Donna Fletcher has written a kickass story about a warrior women who can kick some ass, and her hot very supportive man. Xena’s got nothing on Patience!
  • The sisters’ saga continues. When Patience is sent by her father to a neighboring clan to stop an inevitable war, she meets Hunter, a man whore who desires to change his promiscuous ways after seeing her for the first time. He is the perfect man, excellent in the bedroom, loves it when a women takes charge, supportive, but knows when to have his woman’s back.
  • While the story focuses mostly on Patience and Hunter, you briefly get caught up with Emma and Rogan at the end of the novel.
  • One thing we love about this series is how different each of the sisters are, as well as the relationships with their men. Patience and Hunter make the perfect, unstoppable, kick ass team!
  • We can not wait to read Heather and the Dragon’s story. It is almost a year away but we know it will be worth the wait!

Happy Reading!

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