Mini Review: Rules For A Proper Governess (Highland Pleasures, #7) by: Jennifer Ashley

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Title: Rules For A Proper Governess (Highland Pleasures #7)
Author: Jennifer Ashley
Rating: 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs


To Kiss A Thief…

Scottish barrister Sinclair McBride can face the most sinister criminals in London – but the widower’s two unruly children are a different matter. Little Caitlin and Andrew go through a governess a week, sending the ladies fleeing in tears.

Roberta “Bertie” Frasier enters Sinclair’s life by stealing his watch – and then stealing a kiss. Intrigued by the handsome highlander, Bertie winds up saving his children from a dangerous situation and returns them to their father. Impressed with how they listen to her, Sinclair asks the lively beauty to be their governess, never guessing that the unconventional lady will teach him a lesson or two in love.

Our Thoughts:

  • Wow, does Sinclair have a thing for the bad girls! The straight laced barrister likes his wild ladies. The saying “opposites attract” totally holds true in this novel, although Sinclair does have a little bit of repressed wild highlander warrior in him.
  • Oh, Ian. He has become the sage in this series. He sweeps in and offers lovers words of wisdom, and then he uses his brilliant mind to solve mysteries and save the day! No one should ever underestimate this man.
  • Bertie is an awesome heroine. She is comfortable in her own skin, tells it like it is, and treats all people equally regardless of their station in life. She is not happy with material possessions but instead finds her happiness in the little things and this make her special. She is not trying to ensnare a rich man.
  • Caitlin and Andrew aren’t the little hellions they’ve been made out to be, they are merely energetic and in need of someone who understands them. They need a mother’s love.
  • The entire Mackenzie and McBride clans make appearances throughout, supporting this couple on the way to their H.E.A. We can’t say enough, how much we love this extended family!

Happy Reading!

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