Mini Review: The Highlander’s Stolen Heart (Macinnes Sisters Trilogy, #1) by: Donna Fletcher

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Title: The Highlander’s Stolen Heart (Macinnes Sisters Trilogy #1)
Author: Donna Fletcher
Rating: 5 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs


The three Macinnes sisters are well-known throughout the Highlands. Heather, the eldest, is known for her beauty and kindness. Patience, the middle sister, while attractive is known for her warrior skills. Emma, the youngest is plain-featured, her passion is knowledge. There is nothing the sisters will not do for each other and their love and loyalty is tested when Heather is abducted.

Emma must ride alone through a rainstorm to reach the MacClennan keep and fetch the mighty warrior Rogan MacClennan, Heather’s intended. Nothing must delay her. Her sister’s life depends on it. Emma is not only shocked by the warrior’s handsome features, but by his refusal to leave immediately once he learns that Heather has been abducted. His excuse is the raging storm, but Emma will not bow to the mighty warrior’s dictates. She sneaks off to return to the injured Macinnes warriors and to search for Heather.

Rogan MacClennan cannot believe the audacity of the youngest Macinnes sister to call him a coward, and then sneak off in nothing more than her nightdress. When he gets his hands on her, he intends to see her sent home to her father. Then he will rescue his intended without any interference from Emma.

Thrown together, the unlikely pair must face more trials and tribulations than they ever imagined possible. They also must face something both are trying desperately to ignore and deny… that they are falling in love.

Emma cannot betray her sister and Rogan must do his duty to his clan. They have no future together… or do they?

Our Thoughts:

  • Donna Fletcher is made of amazing! Even after more than 30 novels she proves she’s still got it. There is not one book she has written that we have not enjoyed. Thank you!
  • Please note: While the lovers, Rogan and Emma, find there HEA there is a narrative that will run through the remaining two novels of the trilogy. You are left hanging, but in a good way.
  • Of course we love to read about sisters who are close and dedicated to one another, like us! Often novels are written about brothers, it is refreshing to read a series about sisters.
  • The sisters all have unique personalities, but each is a likeable character. They love and appreciated each others difference and protect one another.
  • Rogan, is a truly honorable highlander who doesn’t give in to his passions. He does the right thing, even when it’s painful to do so.
  • Emma is the kind of woman any Laird would want as his wife. She’s kindhearted, loyal, and smart, which is a rare quality in a woman during that time period.
  • The lover’s continued bantering and sexual tension, makes for an entertaining read. You never get bored of these two clashing. Especially since they both have the same ultimate goals.
  • The relationship between Rogan and Emma, develops naturally. After being thrown together during distressing circumstances, they come to know one another and a friendship develops. This friendship allows them to know each others admirable qualities and they fall in love. Le sigh…
  • We thought we loved Cree, but Rogan stole our hearts. ❤

Happy Reading!

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