Book Series: Rancheros Trilogy by: Donna Fletcher

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Series: Rancheros Trilogy
Author: Donna Fletcher

  1. Untamed Fire (Rancheros #1)
    (4 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs)
  2. Renegade Love (Rancheros #2)
    (4 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs)



Wealthy California rancher Rafael Cabrillo bad broken some of the wildest stallions and mares, and now those docile animals obeyed his every command. The imperious aristocrat expected his people to behave the same way, so Rafael was outraged when a buxom barefoot chit “borrowed” his favorite horse and then dared to disobey him! Determined to subdue the willful gypsy girl, be followed her to the vineyard, but his stern purpose evaporated when he spied her eating grapes and licking the sweet juice from her lips. He knew he must steal a kiss from that sweet mouth, caress every curve of that sun-warmed body, and tame the rebellious vixen with caresses until she begged to be taken to the heights of ecstasy–on his terms!


Gabriella was astonished when the outraged senor made such a fuss, just because she galloped off on his borne to rescue her little brother. And when the authoritarian ranchero insisted that she atone for her crime by working at his hacienda–and wearing shoes!–she couldn’t help but laugh, which made him even angrier. Vowing never to serve anyone, she defied his commands every chance she got–until she felt his strong arms crushing her against his powerful chest. And when she tasted his first searing kiss, Gabriella longed to feel the length of his virile body touching her own fiery flesh and to surrender to the rapture of love’s ultimate embrace–just this once! (via

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Our Thoughts:

  • These books need to be read together and in order, to truly enjoy the series. We really liked the overlapping timelines and how everything meshed together so well.
  • These novels are set in California in the Old West, when the Spanish Rancheros ruled the land.
  • These Rancheros were raised to take care of their own, and their word was law. The women were meant to never question, and always obey. You have to be a special kind of woman to handle these hot bossy ranchers.
  • These novels contain a lot of actions in and outside of the bedroom. You definitely will not get bored. Quite a bit of the naughty.
  • The narrative gets a little craycray at times, but only in a good way. There is forced servitude, kidnappings, parental angst, some chases on horseback, gun battles and tons more. This series is like a modern day soap opera that will totally suck you in.

Happy Reading!

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