Mini Review: Stand Of Honor (Stand, #1) by: Cathryn Williams

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Title: Stand Of Honor (Stand #1)
Author: Cathryn Williams
Rating: 4 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs


Melanie Brooks is determined to prove her father wrong, she does have what it takes to be a champion in the cage. The only problem is that she needs a trainer, one that can help her get the championship belt she’s determined to win. Her brother’s friend Zane is the obvious choice, now she just has to convince him.

Zane, a disgraced MMA fighter, takes one look at the feisty Melanie and knows he is headed for trouble, but decides to go for it anyway. For her own safety, he should stay away, but Melanie’s fighting spirit reawakens his own, forcing him to make the choice to stay a prisoner of his past or fight his way back to being a champion. (via

Our Thoughts:

  • We could not have a fighter month without honoring female MMA fighters as well. In this novel Melanie definitely kicks some ass, proving women have what it takes in the cage. There isn’t just talk of her prowess, we get a chance to see her in action.

  • Melanie is a great female lead. Her drive to prove to her father and others she has what it takes is admirable. She is strong willed and does not fall back when faced with confrontation, but heads right into it.

  • “As a lover of the B Horror movie genre, I appreciate a heroine with excellent taste in movies!” ~ Lydia

  • Finally a dominant woman who takes what she wants from her man in an out of the bedroom. She claims him and he loves it!

  • The shared history between Melanie and Zane, makes them a believable couple. This helps when they get together very early in the novel. For the most part, once they get together they stay together.

  • Zane has the same drive to fight that Melanie does. They are a perfect match! We love how they both understood and supported each others dreams.

  • Even though their father does not support Melanie’s desire to enter the cage, her brother Nick is awesome. Supporting his sister and encouraging her dream.

  • There are some awesome cat fights. Meow!

Happy Reading!


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