Book Series Review: Immortal Ops by: Mandy M. Roth

Immortal Ops
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Series: Immortal Ops
Author: Mandy M. Roth

  • Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops #1) (3T/5H)

  • Critical Intelligence (Immortal Ops #2) (3T/5H)

  • Radar Deception (Immortal Ops #3) (4T/5H)

  • Strategic Vulnerability (Immortal Ops #4) (4T/5H)

  • Separation Zone (Immortal Ops, #5) (coming soon-ish)


Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops #1): Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. Something about her has left him staring at her picture and wondering what it would be like to touch her soft skin. When the time comes for the team to strike, Lukian senses danger and aborts the mission. He makes an attempt at meeting Peren and is set in his place by an independent young woman who knows what she is, and isn’t, looking for in a man.

Lukian is having trouble telling Peren that he’s what she fears most, a werewolf. Can they make the passion that burns between them last, or will Lukian’s condition be too much for Peren? (via

Our Thoughts:

  • We have always been big fans of shifters-wicked hot-but combin shifters and commando = amazing! We don’t know if there’s anything better.

  • In addition to the typical shifters, i.e. wolves and felines, this series also includes a hot shifter rat.

  • In addition to shifters, Roth mixes mythology and science. It is something new and interesting in intellectual porn.

  • Roth does an excellent job of crossing these two fabulous genres, to create the shifter-commando subgenre. These two hero types work perfectly together. Most shifters have an alpha personality and need to protect their love ones. Add a bit of commando, and it is explosive.

  • While each novel in the series is dedicated to a couple, there is an overarching narrative that is carried throughout. The characters you meet in one novel have prominent roles in the others.

  • One aspect we love, is that the commandos know who their mates are right away. Don’t worry, there are still fights and tons drama between the couple. They must work together to overcome the external forces of evil.

  • We love that the females in this series, become totally kick ass warrior women once they find love. Instead of your typical helpless female being protected by their man; these women help to protect their shifters, even when they don’t think they need protection.

  • No two couples in the series are the same. Roth does an excellent job creating a very distinct personality for each character, this keeps the series fresh and interesting.

  • There is tons and tons of sex. It is hot, dirty, and animalistic. We would expect nothing less from a shifter.

  • These novels are on the short side so we recommend purchasing the box set with books 1-4. Trusts us, you will want to read them all.

Happy Reading!

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