Character Interview: Lola Caraway from Vice, Virtue, & Video: Revealed by: Bianca Giovanni

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With the upcoming release of Vice, Virtue, & Video: Revealed, Kitty decided to track down its heroine, Lola Caraway, and ask her a few burning questions. They were able to meet up at a local Russian Tea house, where they could relax and chat about James, masturbation and dreams of the future. Here is an edited version of their conversation:

Kitty: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me.

Lola: Thank you! I love your blog. 

Kitty: Thank you! Now lets get down to business – first question, have you ever thought of James while you’ve masturbated?

Lola: Wow! That’s a hell of a way to kick things off! I don’t really do it, because I seem to get kind of bored with it before I reach…completion. I really didn’t think of James in a sexual way for a while. He’s really attractive and all, but his personality is what I like most about him, so he’s not always the gets-me-all-hot-and-bothered type. Now, Leonardo DiCaprio, on the other hand…

Kitty: I can see where you’re coming from with Leonardo DiCaprio, totally hot! Now what’s on your list for the ideal man?

Lola: A good sense of humor is the number one thing that makes a guy attractive.  I have a particular affinity for smart-asses. Of course, being really sexy doesn’t hurt either.

Kitty: Yes, a good sense of humor is imperative, not to mention being hot. Not that I’m shallow or anything 😉 

Lola: Looks will eventually fade, so you need to be with someone whose company you actually enjoy. The perfect guy is one who you want to hang out with, not just make out with.

Kitty: Very true! Now lets talk about James, what is your favorite and least favorite thing about him?

Lola: Favorite: He’s got a great sense of humor. He likes when I give him shit—and he has a very cavalier attitude toward consequences, so I never run out of material to give him shit about. Least favorite: Sometimes he can be a bit too spontaneous and he doesn’t always think his decisions through before he makes them.

Kitty: I have to tell you, he seems pretty prefect to me! What is your favorite memory of him?

Lola: It was my eleventh birthday and I was having a slumber party in the basement. My girlfriends and I kept hearing noises outside the sliding glass door. We were totally freaked out, so we all finally mustered up the courage to pull back the curtains. When we did, we saw Keegan, James, and Joey outside. Keegan and Joey had their butts pressed against the glass, but James was flashing everyone full-frontal. We all screamed and closed the blinds. My mom yelled down to ask what the hell was going on, but by then the boys had run over to James’s house, cackling along the way. That was the first time I’d ever seen a penis live and in person, but thank God it was behind glass! The image has stayed with me for quite some time, though. 

Kitty: I’ve always wanted to know, how did James reveal his profession to you?

Lola: It was summer and James was home visiting his family. This was right after he told them he was dropping out and moving to L.A.—which they were not happy about—so he was basically hiding out at my house to avoid them. We were chatting in my room, and he just casually dropped, “So…I shot a porn movie.” I asked him all these questions about it, and he told me the scene was with Shawnna Hendrix. I had heard of her, since she was one of those crossover stars they always interviewed whenever there was a news story about porn. I wasn’t exactly surprised by his career choice; I was just really curious about it. I think he was psyched that he’d piqued my interest so much. He really liked giving me details and the play-by-play of everything that happened on the shoot. I was the first person he told about it, but I remember thinking, “Your guy friends are going to treat you like a goddamn rock star when you tell them this story.”

Kitty: Was it hard to accept, was it never an issue for your friendship? 

Lola: Not for me. James has always been a really sexual guy. He started having sex at thirteen, but he had a lot of non-intercourse experience before that. I remember hearing these scandalous tales of his various sexual exploits. He was never shy about it. He didn’t think twice about people seeing him naked or doing something sexual in front of other people, so it was kind of fitting that he started doing porn. I just always knew him as this dude with an insanely active sex drive, so I guess that’s why I wasn’t really surprised.

Kitty: Now for the stock interview question, where do you see yourself in five years?

Lola: I’m not really sure. I want a real career, I want love, I want all the normal stuff you’d hope for. I guess the best answer is: happy.

Kitty: It was great meeting up and chatting with you, thank you so much for taking the time.

Lola: Thanks, Kitty! Hope we get the chance to chat again soon.

Kitty: Readers, don’t forget to enter the giveaway and check out the book trailer below! Vice, Virtue, & Video: Revealed drops Jan 14th, 2014!

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