Mini Review: Light Me Up (Ross Siblings, #2.5) by: Cherrie Lynn

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Title: Light Me Up (Ross Siblings #2.5)
Author: Cherrie Lynn
Rating: 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs


Candace Andrews is dreaming of a little sparkle in her Christmas stocking this year, and now that she and Brian Ross have been living together for over a year, her overbearing family is getting impatient for him to pop the question. She isn’t worried so much about pleasing them anymore, but pleasing Brian is another matter entirely…

The night of the Andrews Christmas party, Brian has plenty of sexy tricks up his sleeve. But there’s one gift that would truly make this a Christmas Candace will never forget—the promise of a lifetime with the man she loves. Is he ready to give it to her?

WARNING: Contains explicit sex, graphic language. (via

Our Thoughts:

  • This is a smokin’ hot novella! It is great to see Candace and Brian still together and happy.

  • This novella starts off with a moan, and keeps you enticed from the beginning.

  • It is also wonderful to see that Brian is working toward a relationship with Candace’s family, even if they are not the nicest people to deal with.

  • Brian’s proposal is wonderful. It is nice to see that man has a carefully crafted plan to entice his lady into saying “Yes!”.

  • The novella leaves you wanting more of Candace and Brian’s HEA.

Happy Reading!

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