Happy Birthday Mrs. Bennet!

Pride and prejudiceIn honor of our beloved Mummy’s birthday we have decided to highlight her favorite Pride and Prejudice character, Col. Richard Fitzwilliam. According to Mrs. Bennet “there’s something extremely attractive about a second son who fights for his country and becomes a self made man”.

And in the words of the original Mrs Bennet, “I remember the time when I liked a red coat myself very well—and indeed, so I do still at my heart; and if a smart young colonel, with five or six thousand a year, should want one of my girls, I shall not say nay to him”.

Col. Fitzwilliam only appeared once in Jane Austen’s novel, but he left a lasting impression. Over the 200 years since the novel has been published, he has been portray in many different iterations in fan fiction. Since not much is known about him, authors are able to use their imaginations when creating his character. Richard has been: the best friend and nemesis of Fitzwilliam Darcy, the spoiled aristocrat, the loveable sidekick who balances Darcy’s brooding nature, the one who is willing to get his hands dirty for the people he loves, and also the husband of Georgiana Darcy, Miss Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet, Mary Bennet, and original characters.

Here are some reason why we love him, sometimes more than Mr. Darcy, although after this post we will deny having said so:

  • Richard is hilarious and the only one able to tease his brooding cousin, Mr. Darcy.

  • As a second son, he has had to make his own way in the world and he succeeded in doing so.

  • Richard is a Colonel in Her Majesty’s Army and has seen a lot of action 😉 = total alpha HAWT! Not to mention he must be good with a sword.

  • He might be a typical bachelor, but he is a responsible male, who has guardianship over his much younger cousin.

  • He knows how to mount a horse, so we can only guess at what else he likes to ride. 😉

  • Richard is alway there to save the day.

  • He balances being a gentleman while still being a rough alpha male. Ready to command!

Top 3: Favorite Col. Richard Fitzwilliam Characterizations in Pride and Prejudice Variations

Happy Reading!

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