Favorite Mythical Creature: Vampires vs Shifters

For this Sunday’s post we thought we would put Vampires and Shifters in a head to head competition. The challenge who we would want to claim us.


  • They know how to use their mouths.

  • They are immortal.

  • They are sophisticated men, who look amazing in a suit and ooze sex appeal.

  • They are mostly wealthy. We have never met a poor vampire.


  • They are cold and aloof.

  • They bite, not in a good way.

  • They literally suck the life out of you.



  • Fluffy goodness!

  • They know how to snuggle and are affectionate.

  • They are rugged men who love the outdoors, and are good with their hands.

  • They like to play.

  • Growling can be wicked sexy!

  • They can win almost every fight or scrap they find themselves in.

  • They don’t bite and the worst they will do is lick you to death, which could be enjoyable…


  • In some mythologies they also have a time of the month!

  • As far as we know, they aren’t real. 🙁


Our vote is for a Shifter to claim us. While Vampires are hawt they just do not show enough emotion. We like our mythical men to show tons of affection and love to cuddle. What else would you want to do, on a cold October night, then spend hours toasty under the sheets with a hot snuggly shifter.


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