(Mini Review) Mrs. Bennet’s Suggestions: The de Montforte Brothers Series by: Danelle Harmon

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This suggested reading comes from our dear Mrs. Bennet, who insisted we give these novels a read. They did not disappoint!

Series: The de Montforte Brothers
Author: Danelle Harmon (mini review)

Our Thoughts:

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  • Being a family full of dog and horse lovers, we really appreciated the importance they played in the characters lives. Our own Mrs Bennet has three horses and a dog, sometimes we think she loves them more than us.

  • This is a great series about a Machiavellian older brother, the family patriarch, who is constantly manipulating the lives of his younger siblings for the better, even if they don’t see it that way at first.

  • Each novel in the series deals with a brother’s journey to find love and happiness, aided by Lucian, their manipulative older brother.

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    What is great about these novels is that each story is unique. Sometimes in series the stories become repetitive. That is not the case with this series.

  • Like a lot of our favorite novels / series there is a strong sense of family, these brothers are no exception. The author does an excellent job of showing the love and dedication they have to one another in this family.

  • With each new novel you get new drama but there are some plot lines that are interwoven throughout the series. This keeps your interest and makes you hunger for more.

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    Lucian is one of our all time favorite heroes! The lengths he will go to protect his family are limitless. At first he seems to be the bad big brother, but as the novels progress you start to really like him. You can’t wait to get to his story.

  • While each of the brothers’ wives have very different personalities, they all are strong women who you can not help but admire. They are the perfect compliment to their men.

Happy Reading!

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