Mini Review: Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick Series, #8) by: Kristen Ashley

Title: Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick Series #8)
Author: Kristen Ashley
Rating: 5+ Teacups / 3 Handcuffs

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Description:Ally Nightingale has secrets. Secrets she doesn’t even share with the Rock Chicks. But two men know what she’s up to. One has her back. The other has her heart, but he doesn’t know it. As Ally rewinds the last year of her life, she knows two things. One, she’s never going to get what every Rock Chick should have—her own Hot Bunch guy. And two, she’s a Nightingale through and through. She just isn’t sure what to do about that. But as her secrets are revealed, the men in her life react. Darius Tucker, a lifelong friend, as usual takes her back. Ren Zano, the man she loves, isn’t quite so sure. The Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch and the entire gang at Fortnum’s weigh in, and a Rock Chick Revolution starts brewing. It’s up to Ally to control it and prove what she knows down to her bones. She’s a Rock Chick, she deserves her hot guy and she’s going to keep the one she wants… Because she’s a Nightingale.” (via

Our Thoughts:

  • This novel was made of amazing. A perfect way to end the series. We could not be happier!
  • This novel seemed like a wonderful written love letter to Kristen Ashley fans who have followed this series and her career. We love you too!
  • The self-reflexiveness, of the novel, makes the world and characters that Ashley has created all the more real.
  • It had been awhile since we had heard from the Rock Chicks. Ashley did an excellent organizing this novel’s structure, there was just enough back story, but we weren’t swimming in material we’ve already covered, and we were give new insight into previous events.
  • The angst between Ren and Ally play out beautifully, resolving quickly for the reader but being serious enough for the couple that it realistically propelled them forward.
  • After the resolution of Ally and Ren’s angsty beginnings, the focus shifts from them to their friends and family. This was something that we were happy to see, it kept our interest.
  • Ally is our favorite Rock Chick, and embodies everything we want in an intellectual porn heroine. We love you, Ally, and your kickass spirit. We all want to be as tough as and love as deeply as you do. In the first 7 novels we thought you were just crazy, but now we know the true, you are a kick ass Nightingale.
  • Finally, Ally discovers her passion, what is in her blood, and what she is born to do. To be K.A., Kick Ass, just like her brothers. We admire that she didn’t allow other to dissuade her, she knew what her calling was and was brave enough to go for it. Girl Power!
  • Ren, we are still not sure what you do, but you are the perfect man for Ally; a hot alpha who’s turned on by her kickass. After his initial freak out over her profession of choice, he, like any decent alpha worth having, sucks it up and supports his women. You are one of our all time favorite Ashley men.
  • The sex, like the entire series, was not kinky or dirty, but it is not boring missionary either; even if that it Ren’s favorite position. No bathrooms, but a set of stairs and a desk get used.
  • We loved the Castle references. Mr. Bennet is a HUGE fanboy who never misses an episode, has read all the books and regularly has in depth discussions with Rene about what is happening on the show.
  • The ending was bittersweet, but left you hopefully that these characters would not be forget in other books and series “ROCK CHICKS LIVE ON!”

Happy Reading!


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