Top 5: HAWTEST Sex Scenes [2013]


Scenes of intimacy are a major component of intellectual porn, below is our list of the top five hawtest scenes. Happy Reading!


gI_82679_BaredToYou_cover_hires1) Bared to You (Crossfire #1) by: Sylvia Day

Couple: Gideon and Eva

Location: Library

Why it was HAWT: Being bent over the sofa and shoved up against the bookshelf is hawt! Especially if a bad boy brother happens to walk in, during the act which included some backdoor action. There is something naughty about sexing it up in a place where learning is supposed to occur, the naughty librarian syndrome.


172579902) Fire Inside (Chaos #2) by: Kristen Ashley

Couple: Hopper and Lanie

Location: Public Restroom

Why it was HAWT: When Lanie, who Hopper has always seen as a lady, drags in him into the handicapped bathroom, it surprises him. He feels that she deserves to be taken in that private bathroom, and after the steamy encounter states he would never do her in a regular stall.


112588473) Hearts in Darkness by: Laura Kaye

Couple: Caden and Makenna

Location: Elevator

Why it was HAWT: When strangers Makenna and Caden are trapped in a dark elevator, they only have their other sense to guide them. This scene is tender, sensual and wicked HAWT, where neither find completion before the lights are brought back on. Don’t worry, the night is not over for these two!


ashley4) The Seduction of Elliot McBride (Mackenzies #6) by: Jennifer Ashley

Couple: Elliot and Juliana

Location: Dining Room Table

Why it was HAWT: There is something extremely hawt about repressed Regency era lovers behaving properly improper. Elliot and Juliana do not even make it through dinner!


e1f985b3d1e0eec24b032a7dba259c5067df5f2d5) Double Time (Sinners on Tour #5) by: Olivia Cunning

Couple: Trey and Ethan

Location: Trey’s Apartment

Why it was HAWT: Who knew that a scene between two men could be so sensual and hawt? Great writing!

Which sex scene is your favorite?

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