A Tribute to Mr. Darcy: Why He’s the HAWTEST of the HAWT Men

colin2If you follow us here at Lit 4 Ladies in anyway, you know we are huge fans of Pride & Prejudice; in any form, the original and the many variations. It is Jane Austen’s story the spawned our love of the romance novel, and inspired this website.
We could not have a Hawt Man Month without dedicating a week to the hawtest of the hawt men, Mr. Darcy! For us, he is the first and most important hawt man in literature, he is the standard to which all other men are judged. We may have strayed a bit, but we always come back to our first love, Mr. Darcy. Even 200 years after he was created, there is something about his story and character that still resonates with readers today. Can you imagine the world without Mr. Darcy?  We wouldn’t want to live in it!

Why love the original Mr. Darcy:
  • He is the original bad boy, going against societal norms, to have the woman he loves. sigh…
  • He is dark, not just in looks, but with his brooding, taciturn nature.
  • He has a tragic backstory; parents die when he was young, and leave him to raise his significantly younger sister, who he loves more than anything. Again sigh… such a wonderful loving man.
  • He may be wrong at times, but he always has his friends best interests at heart.


  • He goes to impossible ends to be with, and make the women he loves happy.
  • He is totally clueless!
  • He likes real women, intelligent and sassy.
  • He puts women like Caroline Bingley in their place.


  • He may not have tattoos, but he rocks the cravat and riding boots.
  • He knows how to wield a sword and has all the right moves.
  • He many not have a motorcycle (we’re pretty sure if he lived in contemporary times he would), but have you seen him ride a horse with the riding crop?! Mmmmm ideas…


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