Mini Review: Club Ties (Trinity Falls Series, #2) by: Mara McBain

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Title: Club Ties (Trinity Falls Series #2)
Author: Mara McBain
Rating: 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs

WARNING: This novel is highly explicit, and contains sensitive subject matter, ie. sexual abuse. The material may not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Description: “Mox is now a Brawer by blood, but he has never felt more like an outsider. His new place in the family comes at a high cost to the woman who raised him. Teamed with the blood on his hands, secrets and guilt build a wall between them that he doesn’t know how to tear down. Escaping the tension at home, he ventures out in an ice storm only to find his future huddled beside a dumpster. Running for her life, Eva ironically, only wants to die. Slipping the chains of her relationship with playboy mobster, Rocco Soriano, she has nowhere to turn. An offer of safe harbor by Mox and his motorcycle brethren buys her time, but she knows the danger they’re putting themselves in. She’s no stranger to the game between a man and a woman, but somewhere along the line, the rules get blurred. Neither Mox, nor Eva, believe love is in the cards for them, but fate disagrees. But then, just when she finds something worth living for, she has to make a choice between his life and hers.” (via

Our Thoughts:

  • Like Club Justice this book centers around the importance of family in the MC, and presents an excellent example of MC culture.
  • All of our favorite characters from Club Justice play prominent roles in this novel. The chapters are not only told from Eva and Mox’s POV but Ginny, Zeke, and the antagonists.
  • We really like that we get to see a hawt biker couple in the making. Eva and Mox’s story is similar to his parents. Mox finds Eva broken, falls in love, and works to do everything in his power to make her happy. They have got to be one of the cutest biker couples ever.
  • Eva fits in the role old lady perfectly and earn admiration from the Queen, with her dedication and loyalty to Mox. She is what every biker babe aspires to be.
  • Mox is exactly like his father loyal, sweet and totally hawt! It is crazy no one knew they were related since they are so much alike.
  • This novel deal with sexual abuse and extreme violence, and it graphic. In some parts it can be a little much. With that said it does help you understand Eva as a person and why she has some of the issues she does.

Happy reading!

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