Mini Review: Club Justice (Trinity Falls Series, #1) by: Mara McBain

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Title: Club Justice (Trinity Falls Series #1)
Author: Mara McBain
Rating: 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs

Description: Frustrated by a system that binds his hands yet frees those that prey on the innocent, Detective Zeke Brawer pushes the law to the letter and beyond. His shooting of a serial rapist brings him under Internal Affairs investigation, and makes him the target of a personal vendetta that threatens his career, family, and the motorcycle club he loves.” (via

WARNING: This novel is highly explicit, and contains sensitive subject matter, ie. sexual abuse. The material may not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Our Thoughts:

  • Kitty wants to marry Zeke, he’s the best of both worlds the president of an MC and a decorated lawman. HAWT!
  • We love the relationship between Ginny and Zeke, they are still in love after 20 years together. “God bless Tae Bo.”
  • Zeke is a certain type of Dom who likes to “warm her ass”, when she’s stepped out of line and he teaches his sons to do the same with their women.
  • Unlike many intellectual porn novels, the main couple already have an established relationship. This is a nice change, where the focus is not on them getting together but rather living their lives amongst the drama.
  • Ginny is the perfect old lady. She is tough and has dealt with a lot in her life, she is highly protective of family, but is still loving. Ginny is what other old ladies in motocycle men novels should aspire to.
  • You are immersed in an MC club culture and the importance of family within it.
  • Even though the novel is told from Ginny and Zeke’s perspective, they are not the sole focus of the narrative and their children play a huge part. We loved getting to know the entire family.
  • We liked that instead of tearing them apart, the tragic events in the novel bring not only Ginny and Zeke closer, but the rest of the family as well.

Happy reading!

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