Monthly Favorite Book: Motorcycle Man (Dream Man Series #4) by: Kristen Ashley


Title: Motorcycle Man (Dream Man Series #4)
Author: Kristen Ashley
Rating: 5 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs

Why we gave it 5 Teacups:

This book is a great introduction to the motorcycle club (MC) culture. It is one of our favorite novels featuring a hawt motorcycle man. Kane “Tack” Allen is a sweet, frustratingly sexy macho alpha male who is the Chaos MC president. Tack and Tyra (aka Cherry / Red) meet one night at a club party. Tyra realizes the minute they meet, he is the one, he colorers her world. Everything comes crashing down when he kicks her out of his bed. It takes a bit longer for Tack to realize what he has with Red, but when he does, he is determine not to let her go. He had already lost one good woman, and he does not want to lose her too. Their one night stand turn into something much deeper than neither of them expected.

We enjoyed their journey to love, which was paved with many obstacles, a crazy ex wife and a vengeful mob, to name a few. After a bunch of arguments, and some hot make up sex, they realize one thing, she is his and he is her’s. As Tyra is introduced to the world of the MC, so is the reader. She becomes the perfect old lady, she has his back when needed, but is not afraid to call him on his shit. Tack is what every girl wants in a macho man; a shell of masterfulness filled with a sweet creamy center of deliciousness. Almost like a dark chocolate Milky Way!

Why we gave it 4 Handcuffs:


This novel starts off with pork sandwiches, tequila, and a steamy one night stand. After Tyra is unceremoniously kick out of Tack’s bed, the hotness tapers off a bit. When Tack finally realizes his mistake and wants to claim Tyra, he is constantly trying to get in her pants. The sex is frequent and often graphic. There is some HAWT foodplay. As well as a scene where Tyra catches a sweet butt and brother grinding at the club. Reading this book will leave you hot and bothered.



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