Character Interview: Payton and Jack from Sweet Ride (Ride Series #2) by: Maegan Lynn Moores

Sadly the Sweet Ride (Ride Series #2) Blog Tour is coming to an end. Just for you, our readers, we decided to take a well-earned vacation to sunny California to track down Payton and Jack for an exclusive interview. We finally caught with them at Wilde Ride and were able to ask them a few questions. Note: contains spoilers from the book.

11993_503768046356171_1214828099_nKitty: Thanks guys for meeting up with us to answer a few questions. Lydia, first question please.

Lydia: You guys met when Jack was undercover, Jack was it hard not to tell Payton who you really are? Did you ever consider coming clean?

Jack: It was the hardest fucking thing I ever had to do. I wanted to tell her everything that first night I brought her home, but it just wasn’t possible.

Lydia: Payton, do you ever miss Jack’s alter ego as a member of an MC?

Payton: Not really! He’s still the same person I first met just with a nice pair of handcuffs.

Kitty giggles, takes a sip of her drinking trying to regain her composure.

Kitty: Jack, if club Mayhem was still in existence would you consider joining for real?

Jack: It’s really hard to say, I had an awesome relationship with some of the members. If everything went clean than fuck yeah. If they stayed on the path they were leading to then, hell no, I like my job more than I liked the club.

Lydia: It had been years since you had seen one another, what was going through you mind when you met again at the club?

Payton: I just wanted to run and jump him, but after the shock wore off I wanted to punch him in the face for showing up like that. In the end I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

Jack: I was pissed at first when I saw what was happening. Once I calmed down I wanted Payton to jump me too. Giving Payton that grin.

Lydia: Payton, you have gone from being very single to a cop’s woman, how are you dealing with the adjustment to Jack’s true profession?

Payton: I worry every time he goes through the door that he might not come back, but I’ve learned to deal with it. Jack loves his job and I would never ask him to give any of it up.

Lydia nods her head in understanding as Jack takes Payton’s face in his hands pressing his forehead against hers. 

Jack:  I would give it all up in a heartbeat, just say the words.

Payton: No baby, it what makes you, you.

Lydia: It was a long road getting to where you guys are, what advise do you have for any reluctant lovers?

Jack: Get your shit together and stop wasting time.

Payton: Learn their real name and don’t get fake boyfriends that just fucks it all up! Big time! 

She looks to Jack with a little smirk on her face as he scowls at her.

Lydia: Payton, you had to deal with an extremely traumatic event. How are you and your family coping? What advice would you give to women who have through similar a situations?

Payton: My family and I are doing wonderful, thank you. My best advice would be to go to the police and report what happened and get checked out at the hospital. Then talk to someone, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Dr. Lansin, my family and most importantly Jack.  He’s been my rock through everything. Thank you baby. 

Jack: For you, anything, beautiful.

Kitty: Payton, what are your plans for the future?

Payton: I know as soon as this interview is over I plan to be naked with my man, somewhere. That’s as far as my brain will process right now.

Jack: Down with that. We almost done here? (winking)

Lydia and Kitty giggle into their drinks.

Kitty: Just one more question, Payton, how do you feel about your sister catching the eye of the hawt bad-boy Cade? Do you think they’ll ever fine love?

Payton: At first I wasn’t too happy about it, but when I talked to Evan she explained a few things that’s not appropriate but let me tell you this, it was HAWT! I hope so, but that’s all on them. Not only is he hot as hell he’s got one tight ass. (giggles)

Jack: Seriously? (glares)

Payton: Ah…yeah!!

Jack: We’re done here ladies. Thank you for your time.

Jack jumps up grabs Payton around the waste throws her over his shoulder in a fireman’s hold, striding to the door.

Payton: You’re such a caveman Jack! 

Jack: You love it. (she grins.)

Lydia: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.

Kitty: Yes, it was really great to meet you.

Payton: Thanks Kitty and Lydia. You guys rock. (she yells as Jack closes the door behind them)

The Bennet sisters laugh and wave as the two depart.

Thank you so much for joining us on the Sweet Ride (Ride Series #2) Blog Tour, we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! Don’t forget to check out Wilde Ride (Ride Series #1).

Happy Reading!

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