Book Review: Sweet Ride (Ride Series, #2) by: Maegan


Title: Sweet Ride (Ride Series #2)
Author: Maegan Lynn Moores
Rating: 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs

WARNING: This novel is highly explicit, and contains sensitive subject matter, ie. sexual abuse. The material may not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Description:Appearances can be deceiving. Payton Clare, the easy-going, fun-loving party girl, moves to Del Mar, California to be closer to her best friend. No one knows that a violent act in her past has left her damaged beyond repair. She finds it hard to trust men, especially Jack De Luca, the badass, motorcycle-riding, undercover cop who had the potential to turn into something more. Jack’s been absent from her life for years and has just ridden back in town and struggles with his own personal demons. Can they find their way back to each other, overcoming their pasts to make a life worth living together?” (via

Why We Gave it 4 Teacups:

That’s my possessive alpha male. Most girls would probably hate that, but not me. Nope, I love it!One of the things we find really excellent about this series so far, is each novel has a different type of hot alpha male. Wilde Ride, had a hot motorcycle MC president, Sweet Ride has the hot alpha detective, and the next book will have a hot underground fighter. Jack may be the law, but still he’s still a motorcycle riding bad boy like we met in the first novel.

This novel focuses on Jack and Payton’s relationship, which takes places several years after the end of Wilde Ride. They both have not moved on from their sexy weekend together and a chance meeting throws them back into each others lives. We get a chance to learn more about Payton and why she struggles with relationships. In learning more about her character, her history and the thoughts inside her head you begin to like her as a person a lot more than you did in the previous novel. She was annoying and slutty; and now we know the reasons why. The fact that Jack did not give up on her and forces her to deal with her past demons, endeared him to us. He was not going to give up on her or what they could have together.

We both loved Payton’s craziness and her ability to jump to the wrong conclusion, which results in a hilarious triade she unleashes on and unexpecting family member. Bringing in their two families was another aspect we enjoyed. His family embraces her into their fold, while her family deals with the truth about her past. You can tell both Jack and Payton are very much loved by their respective families.

In Payton’s attempt to dissuade Jack from wanting a relationship with her, throws her into the path of danger. Her “fake” boyfriend ends up being uncontrollable and at the center of Jack’s investigation. As she tries to distance herself from Dag she gets pulled further into the drama surrounding him and is confronted with the tragic events of her past. Jake swoops in, plays the hero and saves her from, not only the bad guy but herself as well. This is not before Payton is able to get in a few well placed kicks and demonstrates the proper use of pepper spray. We loved seeing Payton kick some ass in order to protect herself. GIRL POWER!

Like all series we love, the characters from the previous novel play an important role in this one. We see Ella and Ryder happily settled down with their twins and get a chance to meet Evan and Cade who will be the at the heart of the next novel.

Why We Gave it 5 Handcuffs:

This book deals with sexual abuse, it is not only mentioned but is also depicted within the narrative, with that said the author does an excellent job of dealing with the sensitive subject matter. The novel is not all about sexual violence, there is a lot of hawt loving sex between the Jack and Payton.The scenes between the two are frequent and explicit. You will need a cold shower once you are finished!

Happy reading!

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