Sneak Peak (Snippet #2): Vice & Virtue #4 by: Bianca Giovanni

Here is another snippet sized sneak peak to get you excited for the next untitled installment of Bianca Giovanni’s Vice & Virtue Series! Re-published with permission, thank you!


A tall, leggy brunette with fine features and blue eyes walks over to us. She’s wearing a black suit with subtle pinstripes and her legs look about eight feet long in the trousers. As I look up at her face, I see her high cheekbones, petite, upturned nose, Brooke Shields eyebrows and the slight dusting of freckles across her face. I recognize her immediately and my cheeks go pink.

“Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’ll be your bridal consultant,” she smiles warmly as she shakes my hand.

She’s going by Rebecca now, but I know exactly who she is. Becky Callahan. Becky “spank me, I’ve been a bad girl” Callahan. She was one of James’ many conquests in high school and she has the infamous title of being his first foray into dominance and submission. He used to tell me stories about how he’d handcuff her, spank her, and even go in through the exit door with her. I was about 14 at the time and the very idea of someone getting plowed in the rear while they were bound and gagged was beyond my capacity to imagine. James always seemed so sweet and gentle, but legend would paint a different picture and Becky Callahan was a key player in that mythology. How the hell am I supposed to stand here and look this girl in the eye knowing what I know about her sexual antics?

“You look really familiar,” she says to me after shaking hands with the moms. “Did you go to—”


“And you were friends with—”


“Lola, right?”


“Oh my God!” …

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