Highlanders vs Vikings

Below are our musings, after having read a slew of both subgenres, on theses two distinct groups of alpha males and their portrayal in intellectual porn.
How they claim their brides:

During the time we’ve spent reading intellectual porn, we have noticed the men in different sub-genres have unique ways they claim their wives.

In the Highlands it is a time honored tradition to steal one’s fiancee from an enemy, or the daughter of an opposing clan. The best examples of this can be found in The Stolen Bride Series by Eliza Knight.

This is somewhat similar to the Vikings time honored tradition of taking thralls. In intellectual porn Vikings enjoy their captives, and once they are bewitched they can’t help but fall in love and make them their wives. An example of this would Viking! by Connie Mason.

Their similarities:
  • They posses a fighting style which is raw, animalistic and brutal.
  • They posses a keen sense of family love and loyalty.
  • They have a strong sense of duty to their clan and the people they are sworn to protect.
  • They both love good food, drink and sexy fun.
Warning: The Viking sub-genre can at times be brutal and contain sexual abuse by the hero.

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