Monthly Favorite Book: Highlander Unchained (Highlander Trilogy, #1) by: Donna Fletcher


Title: Highlander Unchained (Highlander Trilogy #1)
Author: Donna Fletcher
Rating: 5 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs

Why we gave it 5 Teacups:

Donna Fletcher has created an extremely rare and well written novel. One of our favorite aspects of this books is the heroine has a handicap. She was born with the inability to speak, but is still able to express herself clearly. The book deals with the preconceived notions 13th century society has on people that are different. She was able to articulate Dawn’s thoughts and feeling even though she does not have a voice. She brings life to Cree’s struggle to come to terms with his love for Dawn and his ability to understand her form of communication. As the characters’ love grows so does his understanding of her.

This is first of three novels written about Cree and Dawn. Their story continues in Forbidden Highlander, which has already been released, and an Untitled Novel, which is set for release in winter of 2013.

Why we gave it 5 Handcuffs:

There is A LOT of sex, and sexual discussion. Cree is a hot alph Highlander, in a sexy kilt, who loves a good shag. Whenever these two are in a room together they can not keep their hands, and other body part off one another.

have you read this one, what did you think?

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