Book Review: Own the Wind (Chaos Series #1) by: Kristen Ashley


Title: Own The Wind (Chaos Series #1)
Author: Kristen Ashley
Rating: 5 Teacups / 3 Handcuffs

As fans of hot alpha motorcycle men, we both were anxiously anticipating the release of this book, it did not disappoint and we have decided to review it.


Tabitha “Tabby” Allen, is the reigning princess of the Chaos Motorcycle Club. At sixteen she falls hard for Parker “Shy” Cage a new recruit of Chaos. Shy notices Tabby too but, as the underage daughter of his brother, the club’s president, she is untouchable. As the years progress Tabby actively seeks to avoid Shy, while he pines for what he can not have. Their paths cross infrequently and they grow further and further apart. Until Tabby experiences a horrible tragedy and Shy is there to pick up the pieces. While dealing with their family’s unease at their relationship they must also confront the outside forces that would threaten Chaos MC. This is their love story.

Why we gave this 5 Teacups:

This book is a bit of a departure from KA’s previous story lines. Unlike her other hot mamas and alpha males, Tabby and Shy have know one another for years. What starts out as an uneasy friendship develops and grows into a great love with the passing of time. A great quality of Own the Wind is that it spans years and moves effortlessly through time, to the place where Tabby and Shy are together. They both have confronted their personal reservations, Tabby believing that Shy does not want her and Shy believing he can never have her. This is where time slows down and the drama heats up.

KA’s previous novel Motorcycle Man introduced you to Tack’s daughter, Tabby. In that book she is a young naive teenager on a not so good path. In Own the Wind, Tabby grows up, coming into her own as a badass old lady, with Tyra as her bicker-babe master. You watch her mature into a great female heroine. Shy, who lost his family in a horrific event, has found a family in Chaos MC. He is willing to risk losing them however, to keep Tabby. His dedication to her, is one of our favorite aspects of his character in the novel.

Once Tabby and Shy’s relationship has begun, the novel does a great job in painting a very realistic relationship between the two. Their domestic bliss is peppered with some hilarious fights, revolving around laundry, vacuuming and an ice maker. Anyone who has been confined, in close living quarters with a loved one can sympathize.

As we have mentioned before, one of our favorites aspects about KA’s novels is that characters from other series and books make an appearances. Own the Wind is no different. We are not going to spoil it, but aside from those you would expect to see (Tabby’s parents Tack and Tyra, and her Chaos family), a few of our favorites also have some serious screen time. Along the way we make a few new friends in the form of Shy’s younger brother, Landon, who’s just returning from active service. We would put money on the fact that KA is gearing up for a series of hot alpha military men, if she has the time. (please do!)

Own the Wind concludes with a hint of a broader narrative to be told throughout the series. We can not wait for Hop and Laine’s adventure in Fire Inside and the rest of Chaos MC’s story.

Why we gave this 3 Handcuffs:

While there is some great hot and sweatiness (this is intellectual porn after all), it is not frequent or overly explicit. The moments we do get are between two characters, who are very much in love.

are you excited for Fire Inside, the next story in the series?

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