Book Review: The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland Series) by: Kristen Ashley


Title: The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland Series)
Author: Kristen Ashley
 4 Teacups / 5 Handcuffs

We want to advise people who are looking to read this book, that it deals with sexual and domestic abuse, between the hero and heroin, and other characters. With that said, KA has written an excellent book. This is a bit of a departure from her others. Again, we have decided to write a joint review because our feeling on the novel are so similar.
Why we gave it 4 Teacups:

In this novel KA creates an entire dessert world for the nomadic barbarian nation, laying out the economic and social structure within the society, complete with language. We enjoyed how the language barrier caused conflict between the lovers, Lahn and Circe. In a struggle to understand one another they overcome obstacles and fall in love. She rises to the challenge, overcomes their cultural differences, gains the respect of his people, and becomes the Golden Queen. One of the strengths of this novel is its ability to make you actually fall in love with Lahn; despite his savagery. Kristen Ashley does this brilliantly by having other characters, act more brutally towards their wives, and that comparison makes The Horde King actually likable.  We thought the ending was a bit abrupt however and we wanted more.

Why we gave it 5 Handcuffs:

As previously mentioned this novel deals with sexual and physical abuse. The culture the heroine finds herself trapped in is extremely barbaric and the couple’s first encounter is brutal, where she is taken by force. As the novel progresses the sexual relationship between King and Queen becomes hot as their feeling for each other evolve.

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