Book Review: Raid (Unfinished Hero Series) by: Kristen Ashley


Title: Raid (Unfinished Hero Series)
Author: Kristen Ashley
Rating: 4 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs


Hanna is the cute, shy, quirky girl who has been in love with the town hunk, Raiden Ulysses Miller, all of her life. He finally notices her, when she is at her lowest point, sprawled out on the floor of the pet food store. Throw together a crazy great-grandmother with an appreciation of hot men, a very vocal cat, and hot bossy bedroom play; and you’ve got a classic Kristen Ashley novel.

Why we gave this 4 Teacups:

It was after much discussion and contemplation that we gave this novel 4 teacups. We enjoyed that the conflict came from Hanna’s actions, and was not a result of outside forces seeking revenge on Raid by targeting his women. The novel also dealt with the serious and topical issue of PSD among returning veterans. The negative stigma associated with it, as well as the difficulties in accepting and finding help. It was addressed honestly and to the point, but was not the sole focus of the book but only one aspect of Raid’s over all character.

Having the matriarchal great-grandmother who gave words of wisdom to both characters, and who was very well respected in the community is something we rarely see in intellectual porn. This added a different dimension to the story and provided a great role model for both the main female character and the readers. We particularly liked this aspect of the story, because she reminded us of our Great-grandmother, who was all of those things as well as a lover of intellectual porn.

One of the things we’ve always enjoyed about Kristen Ashley’s books is that characters from her other novels make cameo appearances. In this story we got the pleasure of seeing Daisy’s Marcus from The Rock Chick series and got to see another side of him. Raid and Hanna are one of our favorite KA couples but we just wished for more of their story.

Why we gave this 4 Handcuffs:

This was a hot story with a lot of sexual chemistry between Hanna and Raid. The sex scenes were hot and frequent; but not too many to distract from the storyline. By his own admission, Raid likes to play and dominate, but not nearly as bossy or domineering as Knight or Creed and there is no backdoor entertainment, a.k.a. ass play, involved.

Why we liked Raid:

HAWT! A dominant extremely attractive alpha male, why we love all of Kristen Ashley’s men. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a war hero, turned vigilante bounty hunter, who likes to play. He fell in love with her for the person that she is and encouraged her pursue her passions for crocheting and preserving. There’s nothing hotter than a supportive man!

Why we liked Hanna:

One of the hallmarks of Kristen Ashley’s novels, and why we love them so much, is that her female leads are real women. They could be anyone and are therefore easy to identify with. In this story we liked that Raid didn’t notice Hanna until she decided to embrace life, not for anyone else but herself. It is her new self confidence that attracts him to her. The fact that Hanna does something she is passionate about and has made it successful, is something we all aspire to.

Why we loved them together:


Hanna and Raid are the happy ending that every reader of intellectual porn wants. While she doesn’t necessarily agree with his line of work, she accepts his reasoning and tries to understand his need to pursue it. Hanna also helps him to overcome his PSD, by gently encouraging him to both acknowledge and seek help for it; but not in a nagging way. Raid encourages her to breakout of her shell and do the things she loves. They make a perfect team.

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