Weekly Answer: Feb. 25th – March 1st

What Pride and Prejudice “what if” scenario would you like to see written?


As a lover of the Highland Alpha Laird sub-genre of IP (intellectual porn), I would really love to see a Pride and Prejudice variation were Darcy is the Laird of a powerful clan. Elizabeth would be a English Lady, from a impoverished noble family, who is kidnapped and forced to marry Laid Darcy. Just imagine a macho kilt wearing Darcy riding a stallion with Elizabeth thrown over his lap that is delicious.


I’m not sure if this has already been done, but I’d love to see a role reversal. Where Elizabeth is the wealthy heiress of Pemberly and Darcy is just a lowly gentleman (second son) without an estate or fortune. It would be interesting to see how they navigate that world where she is his better and has the pick of any gentleman she chooses. She of course would choose him in the end!

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