Monthly Favorite Book: Chance Encounters by: Linda Wells


Title: Chance Encounters
Author: Linda Wells
 5 Teacups / 3 Handcuffs


This was one of the first Pride & Prejudice variations I read, and from the moment I picked it up I could not put it down. I think one of my favorite things about this novel is, that it’s not just about Darcy and Elizabeth; but the entire cast and the story is told from their different points of view. I also love the instant attraction between Darcy and Elizabeth, from the moment they meet they know they’re “the one”, and throughout the story the connection between the two is constant. Even during the trials and tragedy, there dedication to each other is enduring. It gets 5 tea cups & 3 handcuffs, wicked hot. Happy reading!


My favorite thing about this variation is when Elizabeth and Darcy meet, and how there is an instant connection between the two. She sees a man who is obviously in pain and her simple act of kindness, trying to get him to smile in a crowded theater, warms his heart. Darcy is struggling with what he sees as a failure to protect Georgiana from Wickham and what to do next; Elizabeth’s kindness stirs something within him. I particularly enjoyed this characterization of Darcy. Although he has some reservations about an alliance with Elizabeth, he doesn’t allow it to affect his feelings or actions. If I wasn’t already in-love with the Darcy of this variation, the Col. Fitzwilliam of this world would have stolen my heart. He is shown as a good man who is struggling with war induced PSD. If this book has a fault, it is that we don’t get more of his story and his journey towards happiness. In addition this novel also has some wonderful original characters, and derives its drama from their stories while allowing Darcy and Elizabeth to have a somewhat angst free courtship.

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