Character Interview: James Langdon from Vice, Virtue & Video by: Bianca Giovanni

As promised, here is our launch day special!

We have an exclusive interview with the characters from Vice, Virtue & Video by: Bianca Giovanni. Kitty has made the grueling trip to the Adult Video Awards in Las Vegas, to track down the man of the year James Langdon (real name James Laird) for us. She was able to sneak into his hotel suite and spend sometime asking him about his life and career as a porn star.

Kitty: Good afternoon, it’s so nice to finally meet you.

K: Before we begin I must confess, I’ve never seen any of your films.
J: C’mon, Kitty, you can admit it. *winks*

K: Which would you suggest?
J: I’d probably say Collared—it’s the one that’s nominated for a bunch of stuff at the awards. I shot it with Amber Blaze a few months back and it was really hot because I was thinking about Lola the whole time. Don’t tell her that, though! It was before me and her had even kissed and, knowing her, she’ll freak the fuck out if she knows I was picturing her while I was banging some other girl. *laughs*

K: So James, when you were a little boy what did you want to do when you grew up?
J: I always gotten along really well with women, so I knew I wanted to do something where I worked with them, but I had, like, no direction growing up. When I got older, I figured maybe I could become an actor or something and I gave it a shot, but it turns out I was more talented in … other areas.

K: Do you have any regrets about your decision to leave the industry?
J: Nope. I know it’s going to be a change of pace and stuff, but I get kind of creeped out at the idea of being with other girls now. The nice part is, I learned a lot of stuff that can be applied in real life. I’m like Liam Neeson in Taken, I have a very particular set of skills, and now I can use those skills on Lo.

K: What do you think you’ll miss most about working in the adult entertainment industry?
J: Probably the people. I’ve loved working with everybody, from the girls to the camera dudes to the lighting guys and stuff. We’re like a family, you know? It’s like I’m fuckin’ graduating or something. Growing up and leaving home. I know I’ll see my industry friends a lot, because we still live in the area and stuff, but that energy of being on the set is something that I’m probably going to miss.

K: So it was a good experience for you?
J: For sure! I mean, who can say they wouldn’t like a job where you get to have sex with hot women all day, right? Sex has always been my favorite activity, and I got to get paid for it.

K: What is next for you career wise?
J: I don’t really know. For now, my whole plan is to kick back and hang out with Lola. That’s the nice part about making some good investments and saving up some cash. I’m sure she’ll eventually get tired of me following her around and trying to grope her all day, so I’ll probably figure out something down the road. Maybe get into the production side of things … if she’s cool with it.

K: James, I think a lot of our lady readers would like to know how to spice things up in the romance department, any suggestions? What do you find sexy about a woman? What’s the favorite thing a woman could do to/for you?
J: What isn’t sexy about a woman, dude?! Girls are kind of fascinating to me. They’re all soft and smooth—every single one of them has at least one thing that’s pretty about them, but they freak out and get all insecure about themselves. It’s crazy! As far as spicing things up, that kind of goes hand in hand with it. Guys need to learn that, if you make your girl feel like she’s the hottest chick in the world, she’s gonna drop all her inhibitions and treat you to some fuckin’ amazing sex. Girls can get freakier than their boyfriends would ever fuckin’ dream of, but they have to feel comfortable enough to unleash it. Personally, I like when girls get aggressive, like when they just go for it. Lola’s like that. She’s all cute and little, but she’s a fuckin’ tiger in bed.
L: *Lola enters the room* I heard that!
J: Ok, but am I wrong? You do get all aggressive. You take what you want. It’s fuckin’ hot.

K: How do you feel about sex toys being modeled after your boyfriend?
L: It’s definitely strange, but I’m cool with it. It’s something James has wanted for a long time, because all the top guys have toy lines, and he was really excited to get it out there. It’s bizarre to think that there are so many people out there imagining that they’re banging my man—
K: *giggles* I can imagine that’s strange to think about.
J: But you get the real thing, baby!

K: Was it at all intimidating the first time you had sex with James, who happens to be one of if not the the top male porn stars?
L: A little bit. It’s like going from singing in the shower to doing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. I trust him so much and I know how ridiculously careful he always is with me. He tells me all the time that he was more nervous than I was, which cracks me
J: I was, dude! I was literally setting the standard for her view of sex forever. That’s a lot of fuckin’ pressure, man!
L: Well, you succeeded with flying colors.
J: You know it! *laughs*
K: *nervous laughter*

K: Lola, do you read any intellectual porn?
L: I’ve read a few. In general I usually like them, though there were a couple very popular ones I couldn’t stand. I sound like such a girl, but my favorites are the ones that are more about story than sex. I love a good sex scene, don’t get me wrong, but I want to hear about the relationship between the characters first.
K: *nods emphatically* I completely agree!
J: I will never understand why chicks read instead of just watching porn. Why imagine it if you could just watch it?
L: Because your imagination is more powerful! And because most guys in porn don’t have male model faces and pro athlete bodies like you. Not to mention the godawful acting skills! Guys in books were created by writers who want plot and character development, not just “hey, I’m here to clean your pool.” “Great, let’s fuck.”
J: Alright, you might have a point there. 

K: What is your favorite novel right now?
J: She digs our books, but that’s just ‘cause they’re about us.
L: Yes, but I think my favorites right now are the Crossfire books. I love the characters and the sex … so steamy!
K: YES, those are some of our favorites at Lit. 4 Ladies as well.
L: I also read Wallbanger recently and it might be my all time fave. James was looking at me funny because I was reading it and cracking up every few pages. I love that it was sexy and incredibly witty at the same time.

K: How has your relationship changed since you’ve gotten together?
J: I get to bang her now.
K: *giggles*
L: James!
J: What? It’s true! We basically do everything the same, since we spent every fuckin’ night together before this, but now I get to tap that.
L: *rolls her eyes*

K: So what’s next for the two of you?
J: We’re getting married. I put a ring on it. Show her.
L: *Lola shows her engagement ring* He asked me last night. It was a total surprise.
J: Nobody knows about it yet, so keep it on the DL.
K: *examines the ring* That’s gorgeous! Congratulations, that’s so exciting.

K: We had a few questions come in from your fans online, Jessica wants to know how you think your friendships will change now that you’re out of the industry?
J: For the most part, I’m sure I’ll still be in touch with everybody. My two best buddies, Chad and Alejandro, still work in the biz, and those dudes are like family for us, so I’m sure we’ll still hang out with them a bunch. I’m really close with some of the girls too—
L: Which is … interesting.
J: Yeah, but they know I’m with you. It’s sounds kind of fucked up, but we really are like a weird family. Besides, I dare you to try to find one girl at the awards who’s hotter than you!
L: *laughs* See what a charmer he is?

K: Unfortunately that’s all we have time for today, thank you all so much for joining us! I also want to thank Bianca for allowing us this backstage access to her two sexy characters!

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